Building bronze teams in FIFA 16

  • I do realise that and that is exactly how I'd want it to be.
    My perfect FUT would be a game mode where everyone would have to work on building bronze teams and developing the team for a long time into even only a half decent gold team. Good gold players will not only be rare but also very (but not as extreme as today) expensive. And no price ranges.


    From division 10-7/6 you would mostly see bronze, and it would develop into gold teams in div 3-1. Only people doing good in div 1 would have good gold teams in the beginning. And if you ever saw Ronaldo or Messi, you would probably be completely crushed.


    Eventually as the yearly cycle reaches its completion, most people willing to spend time on FUT would have pretty good gold teams.


    I think it would be much more interesting playing that sort of FUT than the ridiculous version we see today, where the whole economy is basicly build around coinbuying - and you see terrible players being able to use the best players in the game. It just removes ALL the allure of the market as far as I'm concerned. And that is what could make FUT one of the most interesting game modes I've ever played.



    I know that there will be a lot less packs bought, and I view that as a good thing. But to increase the amount somewhat you can decrease the price on the packs or increase the Fifa 16 Closed Beta you get from winning games. Also, as it is now, winning or loosing doesnt really matter on the end game reward as it is almost basicly identical. I want it to matter. Loosing should give you no more than 1/3 of what you get if you win.


    That would lower the amount of packs pulled even more. Do people realise that players will be more expensive through out FIFA 16 if coin buying is banned and FP disappear?

    If EA keeps the player prices low and nobody buys coins, then the amount of opened packs will go down by a lot. Many players could go extinct and the market might be even worse.


    Another thing you could do is to put consumables on a fixed price market not connected to packs at all. What you get from packs is only players and managers. That way you will have a bigger incentive buying Fifa 16 coins pc.

    I can only dream, as EA has set FUT up to basicly be able to print money out of nothing. So it is always going to be ruined.